Students at Wood Acres Elementary School in Bethesda, MD, contributed their ideas on how they can reduce trash. Their knowledge taught a Superhero-in-Training about how to help the environment. This student-centered project was shown to all grades on Earth Day, 2016.


Earth Week 2016

The PTA Green Team worked with students the week of April 18 – 22, 2016, during lunch and recess to celebrate Earth Week.

Students watched a short video about Terracycle, our third party recycling partner for glue sticks, tape dispensers, writing utensils, ink/toner, and small electronics. Terracycle was started by a college freshman and his idea about reusing raw materials that were hard to recycle has advanced into products on the market today. Wood Acres students’ recycling of these office products in the Front Hall Recycling Center, designed and built by the Kelly family for our community, generates a small financial return used by the PTA Green Team for more projects at school and a huge return on items not sent to the landfill.

Students also began composting fruits and vegetables at lunchtime. Small buckets accompany the other recycling and trash bins at lunchtime for the scraps. Student volunteers bring the edibles out to the new double barrel composter located at the front of the school and combine them with leaves found on campus. This composting project will be part of our Trashless Tuesday lunch program through the end of the year. Students will get an update on the decomposition, learning about reducing food waste and creating a rich soil environment for plants.

Students in all grades also participated in an art project rolling sheets of newspaper, then attaching them to the outside of paper recycling bins. These distinctive bins will be placed around school and be an easy, quick way to distinguish the paper recycling bins from the plastic/cans recycling bins.

And finally, students watched the new school video about reducing trash. This student-centered project was made possible by the students who submitted ideas on paper and via personal home videos and those who served as writers, videographers, editors, and on-screen talent. Students came to school early, stayed late, and gave up their recess to contribute to making this video.

Filmed around the Wood Acres campus at the Radnor Center holding school, the video highlights not only what students at Wood Acres are currently doing to reduce, reuse and recycle but also teaches the inverted pyramid paradigm of how to reduce trash. This concept is by reducing packaging and purchasing first, then reusing containers, recycling, converting remaining trash to energy, and finally disposing of the remaining bits, we will drastically reduce the amounts placed into the landfill.

It was a fun and busy week for students.

Earth Week 2014

Students at Wood Acres Elementary School in Bethesda, MD, shared their "A-Ha!" moments when they realized the environmental efforts they're doing at school also could be applied at home and in their community. 64 students offered their "A-Ha!" moments, and then a team of six students chose the students to appear on camera. Students wrote, videotaped, appeared on camera, and edited this film, shown to the school on Earth Day 2014.


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