Wednesday, October 5th

Walk to School DayWalk to School Day 2014

Walk to School Day is October 4th! Come walk with us!

Join the 2500 schools nationwide as we celebrate the 21st year of WALK TO SCHOOL DAY! 

On this fun morning, students that typically take the bus or get a ride are encouraged to try to walk to school.  Try to arrange a route from your bus stop... Gather the entire bus stop and walk as a group!  There is safety in numbers!  Please cross at major intersections and crosswalks only.  Adults are needed as we don't have extra crossing guards to support more walkers that day.
We plan to have signs to encourage you along the route and fun walking facts to get a little bit "walking-smarter" as you make your way closer to school!
The Wood Acres Wildcat will be at school to greet you in the morning and high five you as you get to school.  Everyone will also get an "I walked" sticker for participation.
To continue the tradition of making it an entire day of fitness- Kicks Karate will be joining us at recess that day to teach the kids about the importance of fitness, respect and listening.  They will also teach the kids some non-contact kicks and punches during recess.
So, get out those walking shoes out and join us on Wednesday October 4th!
If you have any questions, or would like to volunteer to hand out stickers or at recess- please contact Shari Cantor or Reshma Katira.

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