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Everything you ever wanted to know about voluntary contributions to the Wood Acres PTA (but were afraid to ask)!
Your PTA works hard to bring you and your children fun and educational activities and events throughout the school year.  The PTA also supports the school and students by funding programs, technology equipment and upgrades, a technology specialist, and supplies for teachers and classrooms.  We are able to provide all of this thanks to voluntary contributions from our parent community and to additional fundraising.  Here is an overview of how it all works:

PTA MEMBERSHIP:  If you join the PTA (and we hope you will!), your PTA membership dues ($35 per family) are paid each year.  This contribution is voluntary and will not affect whether your child and family can participate in our events.  Your dues pay for our MCCPTA dues and help fund other PTA activities (Bingo Night, Dance Party, and Science Fair, just to name a few).  You also receive a fabulous school directory and gain access to the online directory, where you can find contact info for Wood Acres families and staff.  This directory makes it so easy to plan play dates and parties.

PRIDE:  This is our major fundraiser for the year in which we ask families for an annual cash donation. It takes place in the fall and is appreciated by many for replacing multiple, smaller fundraisers across the year.  The Pride campaign funds the majority of enrichment activities that the PTA provides, such as our Planetarium, arts and culture programming, Technology Specialist and sustainability initiatives.   While it is voluntary and any contribution amount is appreciated, the average Pride donation has been approximately $150 per child in recent years.  

CLASSROOM FUNDS:  Each class has 2-4 room parents who collect a voluntary contribution of $20-25 per student to cover 3 class parties (Halloween, Valentine’s Day and end of year), a parent social, and teacher gifts.  You will learn more about this at Back to School Night.

5TH GRADE FAREWELL:  This contribution is made by parents of our fifth graders and is generally $50 per student.  This fund covers many things such as the Promotion Ceremony, class service project, pool party, and student gift (in past years this has been a beach towel).  5th grade parents will learn more about Farewell from your room parents on Back to School Night. 

In summary:

PTA Membership

$35 per family


Any amount; averages $150 per student

Classroom Funds

Generally $20-25

5th Grade Farewell

Generally $50 per 5th grader

For more information, the PTA website is a valuable resource for all things Wood Acres!  Please visit  You can also reach out to Heather McCann, Executive VP at or Molly Pisula, VP of Fundraising at



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