"For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream."
Vincent Van Gogh

Space Age Links

For Students and Parents

***New Links (as of 2/8/15)****

Live Astronomy Cameras and Resources from Livewatch (Thanks to our friends at Colonial Academy in Maine).

This links to all the Manuals for the Starlab portable Planetarium.  Great information and lesson ideas especially for constellations for different cultures (Hindu; Mayan; African; Chinese; Polynesian and more)

Downloadable copies of seasonal star maps.

You may not find your dream job here but this is certainly inspirational and is a great springboard for a classroom discussion on women in space/engineering.

The Planetarium at Wood Acres is a great resource, but there are other Planetariums in the area as well.  Find out where they are and their public program schedules here (in both English and Spanish).

This site has games and videos that teach about our world and our universe.  The huge concepts of the universe are presented in small  bite size chunks. 

Read up on the latest space related news.

A very engaging YouTube channel called Crash Course started by the Vlog Brothers John Green (young adult author) and Hank Green, now supported by PBS Digital Studios.  All sorts of academic topics are covered.  The Astronomy series is with astronomer Phil Plait, popular astronomy blogger known as “The Bad Astronomer”.

Find out where the International Space Station location is in its orbit around the Earth.  When will it be flying over your neighborhood?

The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum website has interactive history lessons connected to their on site space and flight artifacts.  There is a link to the museum’s youtube channel which shows film footage of museum experts studying the artifacts.

An amazing interactive animated tour of the solar system, including up close with the constellations!

Maps of the universe at different distances from our Sun:   12.5 light years away to 14 billion light years away.

Greek Myth stories of many constellations. 

An interactive viewing of the constellations from all cardinal direction.


NASA 's kids page, easy to access, play games and learn facts: http://www.nasa.gov/audience/forkids/home/index.html

Starchild is another NASA site for kids, good for early ages, includes games and activities:
Still good but a little outdated.

Spaceplace is a joint effort of NASA(Jet Propulsion Lab) and the International Technology Education Association.
More games, amazing facts and more:
Still Good and updated last month.

Study the Sun, lots of activities, try the Solar Classroom:
Interesting but maybe to dry for K-3

Check out today's space weather forecast:
Neat site with interesting Games.

Ever wondered about why solar flares disrupt cell phone conversations? this
site is intended to be accessible for all ages via the K-12 curriculum pages: http://cse.ssl.berkeley.edu/hessi_epo/
Also Still Good but curriculum that is labeled K-12 seems to start at 6th
grade and up

Add the Deep Impact Page for a comet collision course! Two Sites to look at.

This site offers lesson plans for teachers and students, student activities and games and science database. Excellent source for NASA resources for class activities.

Discover black holes, exploding stars and ancient galaxies. This site offers stunning imagery from the Hubble Telesccope and place the universe at our fingertips.


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