"For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream."
Vincent Van Gogh

Planetarium Training 2017

2017 Training Guide

Includes details of annual training sessions and much more valuable information about the Wood Acres Planetarium -- both past and present!


Volunteer Training Sessions

Training is mandatory for all new volunteers.  But once you attend a training, you are not required to attend in subsequent years in which you teach unless you'd just like a refresher.  Please see PTA Calendar for upcoming training dates.

Planetarium Dome Open Houses

Please join us for a Dome Open House - a hands-on session to get more familiar with the digital projector.  These sessions are meant to go more in depth on specific topics or lessons than what is covered in initial training.  It is NOT as substitute for attending mandatory training for new volunteers.

Do you have burning questions about using the projector for an upcoming lesson? Would you like another opportunity to practice? Are you interested in exploring a particular dome feature?

Then drop in anytime between 7-9 PM on one or all of the following Dome Open House dates listed below.

Attendance is optional on an as-needed basis.


2017/18 Dates to be announced

Each session will begin with a 45-minute overview of the planetarium program with tips for delivering a class, accessing resources, and using the Promethean board. If you've never taught planetarium before, this is for you! If you're a returning volunteer, you can attend the last 1:15 of the class to learn how to use our new dome projector to deliver an exciting and immersive planetarium experience. All volunteers must attend a dome training prior to teaching the dome part of their class.

Planetarium Documents Through the Years

 Planetarium Orientation

 Osceola Sexton Planetarium training document for Grades K - 2

 Training 2011 Beta

To sign up to be a Planetarium volunteer please contact



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