Wood Acres is fortunate to have children from a variety of different cultures and languages.  The ESOL committee arranges regular meetings and encourages ESOL parents to come together and share resources. 

ESOL Websites

ESOL Websites (More)

2016 ESOL Families Welcome Coffee: Monday, October 24 at 9:00 am.


Wood Acres also hosts children with different learning styles. The PTA's committee on special education strives to connect parents not only with each other but with experts from the community.


- Montgomery County Public Schools, Department of Special Ed, Parent Guide

- The Special Needs Parent Network began at Wood Acres and serves parents of children with special needs in the entire Whitman cluster.  To join their subscriber list, follow this link.

- Lab School Lecture Series

- The Auburn School Speaker Series

- Partnership for Extraordinary Minds, Speaker Meetings

- Devenio, Inc. - founded by a former WAES parent, Devenio provides community-building opportunities for children with Down syndrome and other developmental disabilities.

Past Presentations

November Coffee with Joan Green Presentation.  November 2011.

Special Education Technology Presentation.  February 2012.

For more information about Special Education, contact Lynne Murray,



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