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The Wood Acres PTA has three primary channels for communicating information to our community:  PTA websiteWildcat Week Ahead and AtoZ Connect. The information below is meant for PTA Committee Chairs and Board Members who are organizing events, activities, meeting and trainings sponsored by the PTA. Please follow these procedures in order to effectively communicate information about your event or activities to the broader Wood Acres community.

Please note that information is only posted to our communication channels when initiated or requested by PTA Chairs and Board Members. Our WWA Editor and PTA Webmaster are not responsible for identifying and creating content, only for organizing and editing information provided to them for posting.

at the beginning of the school year:

The PTA calendar of events will be posted to the PTA website in late summer each year. Details about each event or activity can be added to the calendar listing, including photos, fliers and web links (such as Sign-up Genius). Regardless of when your event or activity is taking place, please provide a short description of your event or activity and known details to the PTA Webmaster within the first 2 weeks of school. Including information about date(s), location, times and whom is invited to participate (specific grades, entire student body, all school families, etc.). Please limit descriptions to approximately 200 words. Note that event description do not carry over from year to year.

If your committee has static information on the website, please review data annually, if not more frequently, for updates to be posted.

when details are known:

As it gets closer to your event or activity date, you will likely want to identify volunteers, allow families to sign-up for the event or purchase tickets and have more details about to provide to school community.  When you have reached this point in your planning, please:

  • Provide a revised event description to be posted to the PTA website by sending it to the PTA Webmaster. Again, please limit this entry to approximately 200 words. Photos, fliers and links can be included.

  • Request a “blog post” on the PTA website. Blog posts display prominently on the PTA website and are meant to alert users to updates regarding PTA events and activities.

  • Send emails through AtoZ Connect when you have new information to announce or when you need to recruit volunteers or sponsors. These emails can be any length and can include web links, photos and attachments. You can find step-by-step instructions on how to post through AtoZ Connect here.


about 4 – 6 weeks before your event or activity:

  • Send entries for inclusion in the Wildcat Week Ahead starting about 4 – 6 weeks before you event to the WWA Editor. These entries should also be no more 200 words. Photos and web links can be included in WWA, but not fliers or attachments. Entries should be sent by Friday at noon for inclusion in the edition to be published the following Monday. If you want the entry to run for multiple weeks, please indicate this at time of submission.

  • Request a “blog post” on the PTA website by sending it to the PTA Webmaster, particularly when sign-ups or ticket purchases are being made available to the community. Request updates to the posted calendar description as necessary.

  • Send AtoZ Connect emails on a regular basis, particularly if you need to recruit volunteers or sponsors. These emails can be any length and can include web links, photos and attachments. Send emails as often as you’d like, but be cautious of “reader fatigue”.


after the event or activity:

  • Send an AtoZ Connect email thanking all your volunteers. Again, this email can be any length, so don’t hesitate to thank everyone who contributed.

  • PTA VPs should thank the Committee Chair(s) in a brief entry for the Wildcat Week Ahead immediately following the event. Please limit the entry to a paragraph. Please send this entry to the WWA Editor.