Dine Out to Donate

Fundraising Night at local restaurants

Everyone likes to help out neighboring communities in need, right? We are so fortunate in our Wood Acres community to have such an active PTA that is well funded. But there are schools in our area that are not as fortunate. We have developed a Dine Out to Donate program within our PTA that donates the proceeds to our sister schools' PTA. The two schools that we donate the proceeds to are New Hampshire Estates and Oak View Elementary.

This year we are hosting 6 nights of dining out... 2 nights at the Bethesda Modern Market and 4 nights at the River Road Ledo Pizza

Modern Market donates 50% of money brought in by the fundraiser to our cause. Ledo Pizza donates 20% of all eat-in sales and take out sales that mention our fundraiser as well as 10% of catering sales that mention our fundraiser that week.  

Remember to tell them you are supporting Wood Acres!  Mark your calendars for the dates below!

Tuesday September 26:  Bethesda Modern Market (5pm-8pm)
Wednesday September 27:  Bethesda Modern Market (5pm-8pm)

Tuesday November 14: River Road Ledo Pizza (after 5 pm)
Wednesday November 15: River Road Ledo Pizza (after 5 pm)

Tuesday February 27: River Road Ledo Pizza (after 5 pm)
Wednesday February 28: River Road Ledo Pizza (after 5 pm)

Take a night of cooking and Dine Out to Donate! If you have any questions, feel free to contact Shari Cantor. Thanks for your support!