Hello Fifth Grade Parents,

This is such an exciting year and the Fifth Grade Farewell Committee is already hard at work planning to make this year special for our graduates! We will be celebrating our kids in style throughout the year.

In order to make this year special, we are asking families to donate $50 ($51.40 if you use the online form) to fund the following events and keepsakes. You may write a check to the Wood Acres PTA with Fifth Grade Farewell in the notes section or click the donate button:

Some of the events in the works are:

A Wider Circle

Our fifth graders will be participating in a donation collection for A Wider Circle. This will be their first introduction in to the Student Service Learning program (SSL).
Field Trip to AWC: Thursday, April 5th at 10am
Collection Dates: Friday, May 4 (8am-noon) and Saturday, May 5 (full day)

pool party

The PTA will host a pool party for the entire grade at Mohican Pool.
Date: Monday, June 4th, 6:00pm - 8:00pm.
Rain date: Thursday, June 7th

Moving Up Ceremony

We will celebrate the class of 2018 with a graduation ceremony and party. Included in the ceremony will be a video slideshow.
Date: Monday, June 11th, 7:00pm - 9:00pm


Next, we will need photos from YOU for the following. See full explanation, directions and links for submitting photos below. PHOTOS DUE BY MARCH 23RD

Memory Book

Each fifth grader creates a memory book page. These pages give the students a chance to show off their personal history (friends, family, activities, sports, etc). The students list some of their favorite things and display favorite photos. These pictures do not have to be school related. More information and instructions will follow later in the school year. Date: Being done in classrooms right after break if not completed already.

Video Slideshow

In the coming weeks we will notify you of submission procedures. You may want to begin searching through your photos for the following:

  • Then and Now: One photo of your child from kindergarten, one from fifth grade –these will be shown in a side-by-side then and now format.
  • Candids from All Years: We will be asking for photos you have taken at school events or at the bus stop, showing students, teachers and staff from the school, past and present. We want pictures from kindergarten through 5th grade, so please dig deep into your photo archives. Field trips, field day, class parties, Halloween parade, secret reader, wax museum project, Tug-of-War, we want them all! Please do not submit photos from personal events like birthday parties or sports games.  

DETAILS: As part of the 5th Grade Farewell promotion ceremony, we will be creating a slide show of our 5th graders throughout their Wood Acres years. We will have 1 slide per child as well as candids from each year. The candid photos may also be used for the 5th Grade Memory Book.


THEN AND NOW: Please submit one photo of your child from Kindergarten and one photo from 5th Grade. The photos can be school portraits or ones you have taken—a head-and-shoulder photo is best. Please name them Lastname_Firstname_K and Lastname_Firstname_5 (it’s easiest to do this from your computer) and upload to our Dropbox folder using this link.


CANDIDS: Please submit photos you have taken at school events from kindergarten through 5th grade at Wood Acres. Field trips, field day, class parties, Halloween parade, secret reader, wax museum project, we want them all! Please limit your submissions to 2 or 3 per event. Please do not submit photos from personal events like birthday parties and sports teams.

Please upload your photos at the highest resolution possible. We prefer pictures with 3 or more people in them so that kids can appear more often in the finished products. We will likely not use many pictures of just one child, except for the “Then and Now” photos. No videos please. Please submit your photos by March 23 (before Spring Break) for consideration for inclusion in the final products. After this date, if we are short on photos from particular events, we may send out a call for photos from specific events.


We are grateful for your contributions and support! If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please contact FGF Committee Co-Chairs Denise DeRosa or Shari Cantor.