Martha's Table Collection for DC's Hungry

Involve your children in feeding local homeless and hungry people right out of your own kitchen!


Each month, Wood Acres families contribute food to Martha’s Table to be distributed directly to hungry people in our metropolitan area. To participate, you may send in trail mix, sandwiches, muffins, fresh fruits and vegetables and non-perishable items. Trail mix and muffins supplement sandwiches to provide healthy variety and to provide recipients the flexibility of saving their food for a day or so. Recognizing that healthier food can be more expensive, Martha’s Table prefers we donate fewer healthy items rather than a greater quantity of less healthy items.

WHEN is it?

The first Monday of each month from October-June. See below for 2017-18 collection dates.


Follow the guidelines below for preparing your donation, then send it with your kid to school on the designated day. Volunteers will collect donations during school arrival. Please watch for emails about specific donation requests from Martha's Table depending on their current needs.

  • Trail mix:
    Create your own recipe using nuts, whole-grain cereal, dried fruits and pretzels, or use one they provide at this link. Package individual servings (about 1 cup each) in snack size bags.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables:
    Donations will either be distributed directly to hungry people, or will be used by Martha’s Table for muffin-making and meals. Oranges are especially welcome hand fruits (as they are softer for folks with dental problems). Apples, sweet potatoes, onions, celery and carrots are also used/distributed by Martha’s Table in high volume. Any quantity is welcome, from a single yam to a crate of oranges.
  • Muffins:
    Make or buy muffins of any type. Package them individually in baggies.
  • Sandwiches:
    They accept two types of sandwiches: Meat & Cheese and Peanut Butter & Jelly.
    Start with a clean work surface and washed hands.
    Use healthier types of ingredients, such as whole wheat bread or lean meats, whenever possible. Less is better if the healthier ingredients are more expensive. Please avoid bologna and white bread when possible.
    Do NOT apply any condiments to sandwiches (to extend shelf life), but feel free to include a packet in the bag with the sandwich.
    Individually wrap the sandwiches in foil, plastic wrap, or sandwich bags. Label each to indicate sandwich contents (ex. TC = Turkey and Cheese; HC = ham and cheese; H = ham, etc.). Once they are individually wrapped, place the sandwiches back in the loaf bag for donation. Label the loaf bag “Peanut Butter & Jelly” or “Meat & Cheese” so they can quickly determine what must be refrigerated.
  • Non-Perishable Items:
    Almost any kind of sealed, unopened, unexpired healthy food is welcomed by Martha’s Table, so feel free to send in any of these items. Easy-open lids are especially appreciated.
  • Please do not donate: rice, raisins (except as part of trail mix), junk food

Anything else?

Click on this link for more information on the full scope of services provided by Martha’s Table and to read about more ways to help. They have ideas for a sandwich-making party, openings to bring in one-pot meals and more.

Share with your children this WTOP story about the impact of monthly collections like ours.

Feel free to contact our PTA's Martha's Table Coordinator Alison McDowell with any questions.

Collection dates:
Monday, Oct 2
Monday, Nov 6
Monday, Dec 4
Monday, Jan 8
Monday, Feb 5
Monday, March 5
Monday, April 9
Monday, May 7
Monday, June 4