Lesson Plans

Lesson plans and a wealth of supplemental resources are now available for all grades on Google Drive. All Planetarium volunteers will receive an invitation to view these documents from the WAPlanetarium Committee. You will need to sign in using the email address at which you received the invitation OR you can sign in using the default Planetarium volunteers' email (Password given to you during Training).

KINDERGARTEN:  Introducing Space!
Lesson 1: Introduction to Planetarium, the Sun and constellations
Lesson 2: The Sun and other stars
Lesson 3: The Eight Planets in our Solar System
Lesson 4: REVIEW; Comets/Asteroids /Meteors
Lesson 5: The Moon
Lesson 6: Review – an interactive lesson

1st GRADE: A Moving Picture
Lesson 1: Planets, galaxies, stars, constellations REVIEW
Lesson 2: Directions; Rotation & Revolution
Lesson 3: The Sun and shadows
Lesson 4: The Moon
Lesson 5: All the objects in our Solar System – planets/comets/asteroids/meteors and the role of gravity
Lesson 6: Let’s Go to Space – Space travel

2nd GRADE: Our Solar System
Lesson 1: Mercury & Venus
Lesson 2: Earth
Lesson 3: Mars including Curiosity/Spirit & Opportunity
Lesson 4: Asteroid Belt;  Jupiter & Saturn
Lesson 5: Uranus & Neptune; dwarf planets; My Galactic address
Lesson 6: Walk of the Planets

3rd GRADE: Paths in Space
Lesson 1: The Sun
Lesson 2: Moons and satellites (Earth’s moon, other moons, man-made satellites)
Lesson 3: Southern Skies - Longitude & Latitude; astronomy from different perspectives/cultures
Lesson 4: Cardinal directions including North Star; maps & compasses
Lesson 5: Reason for the Seasons
Lesson 6: Gravity and Space

4th GRADE: Exploring at the Universe
Lesson 1: Native American skies
Lesson 2: Changing views of the Universe through time (Aristotle, Ptolemy, Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Newton, Einstein etc)
Lesson 3: History of Space Travel
Lesson 4: Living in Space
Lesson 5: Looking at the Universe (The Big Bang; Hubble findings; light/electromagnetic waves)
Lesson 6: Down to Earth

5th GRADE: Follow the Stars
Lesson 1: Star Properties and Life cycles
Lesson 2: Galaxies
Lesson 3: The Zodiac
Lesson 4: Tides & Explorers
Lessons 5 & 6: Create your own star myth