PARENTS! The 2018-2019 application window begins Monday, October 8th, 2018 at 8:45 AM and ends Friday, October 12th, 2018 at 4:30 PM. All applications are due at that time. Attendance at one information session is MANDATORY. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

What is it?

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The WOZ production is sponsored by the PTA and coordinated administratively by parent volunteers. It is NOT a school-run activity. Paid theatrical professionals from Adventure Theatre – Musical Theatre Center (ATMTC) at Glen Echo Park hold auditions, select the cast, and run rehearsals after school. Now in its 14th season, the Wizard of Oz play is a fantastic Wood Acres tradition open ONLY to 4th graders. 

Participating in Wizard of Oz is a special 4th grade right-of-passage. Participants feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment by the end of the 3+ month experience. It is a bonding experience for the students and their parents. Ask any “WOZ Alum” and he or she will probably tell you that participating in the annual 4th grade play was a highlight of being a student at Wood Acres!

Who’s it for?

Honestly, ANY 4th grade student at Wood Acres. There is a part for every student – from those who have participated in theater programs for years, to those who have never performed for an audience. Participation in the theater is a great way for students to attain self-confidence, learn teamwork and feel a sense of accomplishment, no matter their previous theater experience.

When are rehearsals?  Performances?

Cast members rehearse twice a week after school from 3:30–5:00pm, from mid-November through February with a full week of evening rehearsals and performances in early March. We will have one cast, only, and rehearsals will be Mondays and Wednesdays at Wood Acres, beginning Wednesday, November 14 through February 27 (these dates include auditions for specific casting roles). 

Technical rehearsals will be in the evening the week of March 3rd and five performances will be held at Adventure Theatre in Glen Echo Park each evening March 6–10. Please refer to the calendar with specific dates and times. 


If you or your student is interested in signing up, please read the detailed Application Information below. The PTA WOZ coordinators appreciate your careful attention to the details regarding participation, for both students and parents. Also, attendance at one of the following information sessions is REQUIRED for participating families. WOZ information sessions will be held:

  • Wednesday, September 26th at 8:00 AM (park on the street, only), and

  • Monday, October 1st at 7:00 PM in the Media Center at Wood Acres.



14th Annual Wood Acres 4th Grade Musical “The Wizard of Oz”

The Wood Acres PTA is pleased to announce that Adventure Theatre (ATMTC) will again direct a theatrical production of the beloved musical “The Wizard of Oz,” starring Wood Acres fourth graders. The production will provide students with the opportunity to perform in a broad range of roles to fit each student’s interest and abilities. Wizard of Oz (WOZ) is NOT a Wood Acres school sponsored activity and school staff are not involved in the production. WOZ is sponsored by the PTA.

This document contains very important information. Please read this document entirely before completing the Application Form at the end. By completing and signing the Application Form at the end, you are acknowledging that you have read all the information below and agree to all of its terms. We ask that you carefully consider the expectations included in this document before registering your student.


If we have more Applications than can be accepted into one cast, there will be a blind lottery amongst applicants. All applicants will be notified on Friday, October 19th with that decision, which may be a preliminary one. A definite decision on final members of the cast will be made by the end of October.


WOZ is a fun-filled experience that requires a very large time commitment for all participants and their families. This time commitment is a priority for our parent coordinators and ATMTC staff. As such, we expect the same of our cast and cast families.  


Attendance is crucial. Review your student’s winter activities schedule with the rehearsal and performance schedule below. Also review your schedule for “tech week” (described below), as parent participation is expected during this time period. Please discuss with your student the length of time they will be required to stay after school each week and the behavioral expectations while they are in attendance. Base the decision to register for WOZ on these factors in addition to your student’s overall desire to participate. The experience of ALL students is dependent on each student’s full commitment and parental involvement.

Each cast member will be called for a majority of the weekly rehearsal dates and must attend every evening TECH rehearsal and show at Glen Echo Park. We recognize that is can be difficult for your student to be available for all the scheduled rehearsal dates. Occasional and unavoidable conflicts may exist, such as a special family trip, special family event, dance recital, etc. To accommodate these situations, but keep rehearsals productive, we will ask you to provide initial conflict dates on your child’s Application Form. We will also ask you to complete an updated conflict schedule within 3 days of being notified that your student has been assigned to a cast, as you may discover a conflict you missed.

On the conflict schedule, you will indicate the dates for which your student will not be available to rehearse for all or part of the scheduled rehearsal time. These should be limited in number and non-recurring. For instance, if your student has basketball practice during a quarter of the scheduled rehearsals, then you should consider your student unavailable. However, if (s)he has a basketball tournament scheduled for a single rehearsal that would be an acceptable conflict. Absences reported on the conflict schedule will be considered excused.

Absences not reported on the conflict scheduled, whether planned in advance or because of unexpected illness or other reasons, are considered unexcused. Repeat unexcused absences can result in role reassignment or removal from the production, based on the sole discretion of the show director. A student can also be removed from the cast for repeat disruptive behavior at rehearsals. Refunds will not be given if your student is removed for these reasons.

Note that participants are expected to attend all rehearsals for which they are “called.” What does this mean? Once the play has been cast and students receive their role assignments, a more detailed rehearsal schedule will be completed. This will indicate which parts are scheduled to rehearse for each of the scheduled after-school rehearsals at WAES.

Why is attendance so important? When one cast member is not at rehearsal or a show, it throws off the timing for the rest of the cast. Therefore, attendance expectations are different than they are for other after-school activities. For example, if your child misses a soccer game, chances are there is another teammate that can fill in. But in the theatre, each cast member learns a unique role and position on stage. 


Of course, cooperative behavior during rehearsals and willingness to be on stage are also critical to the success of this program. Please discuss these issues with your student before committing to this activity, as well as the potential for stage fright. It’s very important that students be willing to perform on the stage. Appropriate behavior is expected at all times. A student can also be removed from the cast for repeat disruptive behavior at rehearsals, and again, no refunds will be given for removal due to this reason.



WOZ is a fun and fulfilling event and it is a commitment. We want all parents to be fully aware of the requirements for participation, so that everyone involved as a positive experience. Thus, parents must attend one of the upcoming MANDANTORY information sessions (dates below) as a part of the Application process. Children are also welcome to attend, and not required.

REQUIRED Information Session* Dates:

  • September 26th 8:00 - 9:00 AM MORNING &

  • October 1st at 7:00 - 8:00 PM EVENING No RSVP required
    *Please read all of these details prior to the information session


ATMTC will provide the stage director, music director and choreographer. During the rehearsal period, ATMTC will conduct acting workshops, hold the auditions, cast the parts, and direct the entire production. Wood Acres parents do not participate in the casting or direction of the play.

Although ATMTC provides the above, Wood Acres parents are an essential part of the Wizard of Oz crew. Student participation in the cast REQUIRES volunteer time by a parent or adult family member at least ONCE during afterschool rehearsals as well as TWICE during “tech week” rehearsals and performances.

We also need parents to assist in leadership roles with critical aspects of the production. We realize this is a significant time commitment, but without it we would not be able to continue with this program. The parent coordinators will work with you to find responsibilities that fit your availability and talents and we greatly appreciate your contribution to making this production such a wonderful community event.

In addition to volunteering, parents are expected to have their student picked-up on time at the end of rehearsal. Students enrolled in Bar-T will be released to this program after rehearsal.


Patience and cooperation with all WOZ committee chairs, volunteers and ATMTC staff is also expected. We are fellow parents and understand the daily challenges of busy family life, bad days, and the need for all students to feel valued. We also know that every child in the ensemble can’t possibly get a first-choice role. Please know that our team is dedicated to meeting student needs, creating special roles, and are committed to creating a powerful and fun experience for all.

Please follow directions regarding who to contact with concerns (one of your parent coordinators) and be respectful of the boundaries created, allowing ATMTC staff to do what they do best. Also, space in the theater is limited and thus, the size of the cast as well as the performance tickets are limited. We will try to accommodate families with ticket requests as much as possible. We appreciate your respect of the limits that are set for safety, learning, fun and success!



Weekly Rehearsal Calendar:

Nov. 12Nov. 143:30-5:00 PMWAES Rm 172
Nov. 193:30-5:00 PMWAES Rm 172
Nov. 26Nov. 283:30-5:00 PMWAES Rm 172
Dec. 3Dec. 53:30-5:00 PMWAES Rm 172
Dec. 17Dec. 193:30-5:00 PMWAES Rm 172
Jan. 23:30-5:00 PMWAES Rm 172
Jan. 7Jan. 93:30-5:00 PMWAES Rm 172
Jan. 14Jan. 163:30-5:00 PMWAES Rm 172
Jan. 233:30-5:00 PMWAES Rm 172
Jan. 303:30-5:00 PMWAES Rm 172
Feb. 4Feb. 63:30-5:00 PMWAES Rm 172
Feb. 11Feb. 133:30-5:00 PMWAES Rm 172
Feb. 203:30-5:00 PMWAES Rm 172
Feb. 25Feb. 273:30-5:00 PMWAES Rm 172

TECH WEEK Rehearsal Calendar – ALL CAST

SundayMarch 35:45-8:45 PM
MondayMarch 45:45-8:45 PM
TuesdayMarch 55:45-8:45 PM
WednesdayMarch 65:45-9:15 PMDress rehearsal, Alumni Show
ThursdayMarch 75:00 PM call7:00 PM Curtain
FridayMarch 85:30 PM call7:00 PM Curtain
SaturdayMarch 96:00 PM call7:00 PM Curtain
SundayMarch 103:30 PM call5:00 PM Curtain, 6:00 PM Cast Party


  • Application Forms will be accepted between Monday, October 8th at 8:45 AM and Friday, October 12th at 4:30 PM.

  • Complete the form, available in three formats:

    • online using the Google Form link,

    • by completing and printing the PDF available HERE, and

    • by using a hard copy of the form available next to the PTA Box.

  • If you choose to use the Google form to complete your Application, please print your form entry prior to hitting “submit.”

  • When you have completed your form, PRINT and HAND-DELIVER your signed form and a $355 check* (made out to the Wood Acres PTA) to the WOZ box on the PTA table at school.

  • Application Forms will not be accepted before or after this designated time period, above.

  • Forms that are not fully completed with the requested, printed information and signatures, or submitted without payment, will be considered “incomplete” and therefore not submitted by the deadline.

  • If there are more Applications than available spots, a lottery will be held to determine WOZ participants. All decisions are final.

  • We do not want students to miss out on this opportunity because of an inability to pay the full tuition. Partial scholarships are available. Please contact Suzanne Ritter or Shruthi Mukund as soon as possible for confidential information about tuition assistance.

*Questions? Please contact Suzanne Ritter or Shruthi Mukund.